Aug 10

Okay so I have bought calling cards a couple of times. I used them the most when I was in Acapulco and need to call my parents so they knew I was alive. For a girl that hasn’t traveled much by herself Acapulco, was a big deal for her parents. So I used calling cards to call when I got there and to all for occasion check-ins.

But they run out pretty quickly. I mean most of them give you a warning as to how many minutes you have left and when they are going to run, out but you tend to have a hard time paying attention to your watch when you are in South America and your parents are asking you 300 questions.

For this reason it seems like rechargeable calling cards would be a good idea. When you don’t know if you will need more time than you have you can simply recharge and add on more money. This also saves you the time and aggravation of going and buying another calling card when you have a perfectly good one on your hands.

Also there are now many websites that will search for the cheapest calling cards available to you ad let you buy them over the internet. Most of these sites will also let you recharge your calling card on the same site. Now this could be a problem if you are living in a third world country with limited access to the internet, but then finding calling cards, or a phone for that matter would probably be just as difficult. Rechargeable calling cards seem like a good modern option.

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