Sep 23

So you are moving oversees? What scares you the most? Are you worried about not being about to see your family? Maybe you are scared because you think you will not ever be able to keep in touch with your friends? Or maybe you are more worried about loosing all the luxuries you enjoyed in the United State? I am not really sure what scared me the most. I know it wasn’t the not being able to talk to my family and friends; I knew there were a ton or overseas calling cards out there so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. As superficial as it sounds, I was worried about losing the things I took for granted in the United States. There are things I have gotten used to such as my shampoo, and I would really rather not change to a different one.

So I decided after all this worrying that I was really a spoiled brat, and if my fear of not having my shampoo was what was worrying me the most I need to just suck it up and go anyway. Who really cares if my hair gets mad at me for a week or so while I switch?

So I made the move overseas; though I am not really sure if you can call it that since I live in South America, is it still over seas if you are in the same hemisphere and didn’t have to actually cross a sea to get there? Okay well that is beside the point. I moved here with the though that United States was the most advanced country in the world and the only one capable of having my toiletries and the food items that I cherished. Well I am an idiot. As I have told my parents multiple times I have managed to find pretty much everything that I liked in the states here and am currently living in the same manner. Due to the existence of overseas calling cards I am even able to keep in touch with my friends.