Jun 25

Are you looking to buy a HDTV? Take a look at our guide to find out what HDTV is about.

1. What does HDTV stand for?

High Definition Television

2. What is HTDV?

It is a new technology and way of filming that has a higher bit depth resolution and gives you a sense or realism while watching the program. Sports are one of the leading industries in high definition programming. To film in HDTV requires a special camera.

3. How can I tell if my TV is HDTV?

It should say it directly on the box or with the model number. EDTV is not HDTV! There is another side aspect most people overlook due to pricing schemes and that is pixel depth. The cheaper plasmas and LCD have lower clarity or pixels. Therefore, to buy a great HDTV, you need to look for higher pixel resolutions.

4. Why Should I Buy One?

Because you will never go back, it is like night and day. A true HDTV and HD Television Program are ten times better picture clarity than at the movie theaters. HDTVs also have lots of additional features that standard old televisions do not. They usually have ports for connecting to computers to act as a computer monitor, split screen, more aspect ratios for watching in different formats. Since the cameras have have been improved to record HD programs, they also went ahead and improved the sound recording system and so you have even higher quality sound to go along with the improved picture.

HDTV has been out for a few years now and therefore there are less bugs and defunct screens. In addition, the price has drastically fallen, for around $2000 you can buy an excellent 32-42Ў± screen with high resolution and all the extra options.

5. Is there anything else I should know when buying a HDTV screen?

Yes, the cables can be very expensive. HDMI cables, RGB, and others that maximize the picture and sound (which are necessary) can cost between $35-$50 each and you need several. It is not necessary to buy name brand cables, so go to places like radio shack and buy the off brand for half the price. In addition, please research whether you should buy an LCD or Plasma screen, because based on you use and room arrangements you will require one or the other.

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